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A game of firecrackers, platforms, and colours…
about the passing of time and the meaning of life.

It's Full of Sparks is a frantic platform game in which each firecracker is unique and if it explodes, it’ll not be back  They have been lighted and you have only a few seconds to react and guide them to the safeness of water. Help them find the Old One, a mythical firecracker that found the way not to explode, and therefore live forever ... but what is a firecracker if it never explodes?

It’s Full Of Sparks hides a few magic tricks under the apparent simplicity of a platform game. The player must control not only the movements of his character but the appearance and disappearance of aids and obstacles through “chromatic controls,”. All this, with the pressure of time, which will inexorably consume the wick of our firecracker with feelings that is launched in search of the meaning of its explosive existence…A metaphor for life?… A sparky and cheerful platform game.

Released in 2018.

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2 Million

in the week of its launch

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Featured in App Stores worldwide

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Top 6
free downloads in China

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Top 14 in most western countries

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Nominated Best Mobile Game ‘18

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4,5 / 5

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Bronze Rating


“It’s Full of Sparks impressed me throughout with how well thought out virtually all of its individual elements are.” 

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“It’s Full of Sparks is definitely a gem in the App Store, as it’s fun, challenging, and makes you ponder your own life (existential crisis, anyone)."

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"It's Full of Sparks can boast several arrows in its bow: a bizarre setting, a very refined audiovisual sector and a gameplay that embraces some typical styles of mobile gaming while introducing several original elements."

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Download and use the music of this game in copyleft with attribution

It's Full Of Sparks
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